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    Jeffrey Esko

    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    DepartmentCellular and Molecular Medicine
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0687
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      NIH1999  - 2009MERIT award
      Society for Glycobiology2007Karl Meyer Award
      Uppsala University2010Doctor of Medicine (honoris causa)
      International Glycoconjugate Organization2011IGO award
      American Association for the Advancement of Science2012Elected Fellow
      NIH2013Director's WALS Lecture

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      Enhancement of wound healing and regeneration through heparan sulfate deficiency
      NIH/NIAMS R61AR073031Sep 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2019
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Protein Glycosylation in the Coagulopathy and Inflammation of Sepsis
      NIH P01HL131474Jul 15, 2016 - Apr 30, 2021
      Role: Co-Investigator
      5th International MHE Research Conference
      NIH/NIAMS R13AR069987Apr 1, 2016 - Mar 31, 2017
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Genome-wide Analysis of Heparan Sulfate using CRISPR/Cas9
      NIH/NCI R21CA199292Jul 1, 2015 - Jun 30, 2017
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Drug Discovery for Multiple Hereditary Exostoses
      NIH/NIAMS R01AR064202Sep 16, 2013 - Aug 31, 2018
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Glycan Modulation of Inflammatory Responses
      NIH P01HL107150Jul 1, 2011 - May 31, 2018
      Role: Co-Investigator
      Structure and Function of 3-O-sulfation in Heparan Sulfate
      NIH/NIGMS R01GM093131May 1, 2010 - Apr 30, 2014
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Gene Discovery and Heparan Sulfate Biogenesis
      NIH/NHLBI R21HL098910Mar 1, 2010 - Dec 31, 2012
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Shared Instrumentation Grant: LTQ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
      NIH/NCRR S10RR025507May 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2010
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Altered endothelial heparan sulfate causes diaphragmatic hernias resembling CDH
      NIH/NICHD R21HD052920May 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2009
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Glycoside Inhibitors of Tumor Metastasis
      NIH/NCI R01CA112278Feb 9, 2005 - Jun 30, 2010
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Heparan Sulfate--a Novel Target for Cancer Therapeutics
      NIH/NCI U01CA091290Jun 1, 2001 - May 31, 2006
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NIAMS R13AR045230Jul 1, 1998 - Jun 30, 1999
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Genetic Modulation of Blood and Vascular Glycosylation
      NIH/NHLBI P01HL057345Sep 30, 1997 - Dec 31, 2013
      Role: Co-Investigator
      Comprehensive Biology: Exploiting the Yeast Genome
      NIH P41RR011823Sep 30, 1996 - Jun 30, 2016
      Role: Co-Investigator
      NIH/NCI R01CA046462Apr 20, 1990 - Jun 30, 2002
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Genetic analysis of proteoglycan-mediated lipoprotein clearance
      NIH/NIGMS R01GM033063Jul 1, 1983 - Apr 30, 2020
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NIGMS R37GM033063Jul 1, 1983 - Nov 30, 2010
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NHLBI P50HL023584Dec 1, 1978 - Nov 30, 2003
      Role: Co-Investigator

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      1. Ihse E, Yamakado H, van Wijk XM, Lawrence R, Esko J, Masliah E. Cellular internalization of alpha-synuclein aggregates by cell surface heparan sulfate depends on aggregate conformation and cell type. Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 21; 7(1):9008. PMID: 28827536.
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      2. Weiss RJ, Esko J, Tor Y. Targeting heparin and heparan sulfate protein interactions. Org Biomol Chem. 2017 Jul 21; 15(27):5656-5668. PMID: 28653068.
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      4. Dwyer CA, Esko J. Glycan susceptibility factors in autism spectrum disorders. Mol Aspects Med. 2016 Oct; 51:104-14. PMID: 27418189.
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      5. Hamill KM, McCoy LS, Wexselblatt E, Esko J, Tor Y. Polymyxins Facilitate Entry into Mammalian Cells. Chem Sci. 2016 Aug 01; 7(8):5059-5068. PMID: 28044098.
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      6. Thacker BE, Seamen E, Lawrence R, Parker MW, Xu Y, Liu J, Vander Kooi CW, Esko J. Expanding the 3-O-Sulfate Proteome--Enhanced Binding of Neuropilin-1 to 3-O-Sulfated Heparan Sulfate Modulates Its Activity. ACS Chem Biol. 2016 Apr 15; 11(4):971-80. PMID: 26731579.
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      9. Xu D, Olson J, Cole JN, van Wijk XM, Brinkmann V, Zychlinsky A, Nizet V, Esko J, Chang YC. Heparan Sulfate Modulates Neutrophil and Endothelial Function in Antibacterial Innate Immunity. Infect Immun. 2015 Sep; 83(9):3648-56. PMID: 26150541; PMCID: PMC4534644.
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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