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    Margo Haygood

    TitleEmeritus Professor
    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    DepartmentScripps Institution of Oceanography Department
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0202
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      Diverse Drug Lead Compounds from Bacterial Symbionts in Philippine Mollusks
      NIH/FIC U19TW008163Aug 1, 2008 - Jul 31, 2019
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Diverse drug lead compounds from bacterial symbionts in tropical marine mollusks
      NIH/FIC U01TW008163Aug 1, 2008 - May 31, 2014
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Role of Bacteria in production of ET-743 in E. turbinata
      NIH/NIGMS R21GM072816Sep 30, 2005 - Sep 29, 2008
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NCI R01CA079678May 12, 2000 - Mar 31, 2005
      Role: Principal Investigator

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      2. Kem MP, Naka H, Iinishi A, Haygood M, Butler A. Fatty acid hydrolysis of acyl marinobactin siderophores by Marinobacter acylases. Biochemistry. 2015 Jan 27; 54(3):744-52. PMID: 25588131.
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      6. Altamia MA, Wood N, Fung JM, Dedrick S, Linton EW, Concepcion GP, Haygood M, Distel DL. Genetic differentiation among isolates of Teredinibacter turnerae, a widely occurring intracellular endosymbiont of shipworms. Mol Ecol. 2014 Mar; 23(6):1418-32. PMID: 24765662; PMCID: PMC4621784.
      7. Han AW, Sandy M, Fishman B, Trindade-Silva AE, Soares CA, Distel DL, Butler A, Haygood M. Turnerbactin, a novel triscatecholate siderophore from the shipworm endosymbiont Teredinibacter turnerae T7901. PLoS One. 2013; 8(10):e76151. PMID: 24146831; PMCID: PMC3795760.
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
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