Shabnam Shalapour

TitleAssistant Adjunct Professor
InstitutionUniversity of California San Diego
Address9500 Gilman Drive #0723
La Jolla CA 92093
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    1. Zhong Z, Liang S, Sanchez-Lopez E, He F, Shalapour S, Lin XJ, Wong J, Ding S, Seki E, Schnabl B, Hevener AL, Greenberg HB, Kisseleva T, Karin M. New mitochondrial DNA synthesis enables NLRP3 inflammasome activation. Nature. 2018 Jul 25. PMID: 30046112.
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    2. Shalapour S, Lin XJ, Bastian IN, Brain J, Burt AD, Aksenov AA, Vrbanac AF, Li W, Perkins A, Matsutani T, Zhong Z, Dhar D, Navas-Molina JA, Xu J, Loomba R, Downes M, Yu RT, Evans RM, Dorrestein PC, Knight R, Benner C, Anstee QM, Karin M. Author Correction: Inflammation-induced IgA+ cells dismantle anti-liver cancer immunity. Nature. 2018 Jul 04. PMID: 29973714.
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    3. Dhar D, Antonucci L, Nakagawa H, Kim JY, Glitzner E, Caruso S, Shalapour S, Yang L, Valasek MA, Lee S, Minnich K, Seki E, Tuckermann J, Sibilia M, Zucman-Rossi J, Karin M. Liver Cancer Initiation Requires p53 Inhibition by CD44-Enhanced Growth Factor Signaling. Cancer Cell. 2018 Jun 11; 33(6):1061-1077.e6. PMID: 29894692.
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    4. Shalapour S, Lin XJ, Bastian IN, Brain J, Burt AD, Aksenov AA, Vrbanac AF, Li W, Perkins A, Matsutani T, Zhong Z, Dhar D, Navas-Molina JA, Xu J, Loomba R, Downes M, Yu RT, Evans RM, Dorrestein PC, Knight R, Benner C, Anstee QM, Karin M. Erratum: Inflammation-induced IgA+ cells dismantle anti-liver cancer immunity. Nature. 2017 12 21; 552(7685):430. PMID: 29168501.
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    5. Shalapour S, Lin XJ, Bastian IN, Brain J, Burt AD, Aksenov AA, Vrbanac AF, Li W, Perkins A, Matsutani T, Zhong Z, Dhar D, Navas-Molina JA, Xu J, Loomba R, Downes M, Yu RT, Evans RM, Dorrestein PC, Knight R, Benner C, Anstee QM, Karin M. Inflammation-induced IgA+ cells dismantle anti-liver cancer immunity. Nature. 2017 11 16; 551(7680):340-345. PMID: 29144460.
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    6. Shalapour S, Karin M. Fatty Acid-Induced T Cell Loss Greases Liver Carcinogenesis. Cell Metab. 2016 May 10; 23(5):759-61. PMID: 27166937.
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    8. Sanchez-Lopez E, Flashner-Abramson E, Shalapour S, Zhong Z, Taniguchi K, Levitzki A, Karin M. Targeting colorectal cancer via its microenvironment by inhibiting IGF-1 receptor-insulin receptor substrate and STAT3 signaling. Oncogene. 2016 05 19; 35(20):2634-44. PMID: 26364612; PMCID: PMC4791217.
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    12. Wang K, Kim MK, Di Caro G, Wong J, Shalapour S, Wan J, Zhang W, Zhong Z, Sanchez-Lopez E, Wu LW, Taniguchi K, Feng Y, Fearon E, Grivennikov SI, Karin M. Interleukin-17 receptor a signaling in transformed enterocytes promotes early colorectal tumorigenesis. Immunity. 2014 Dec 18; 41(6):1052-63. PMID: 25526314; PMCID: PMC4272447 [Available on 12/18/15].
    13. Ammirante M, Shalapour S, Kang Y, Jamieson CA, Karin M. Tissue injury and hypoxia promote malignant progression of prostate cancer by inducing CXCL13 expression in tumor myofibroblasts. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Oct 14; 111(41):14776-81. PMID: 25267627; PMCID: PMC4205637.
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    16. Ammirante M, Kuraishy AI, Shalapour S, Strasner A, Ramirez-Sanchez C, Zhang W, Shabaik A, Karin M. An IKKa-E2F1-BMI1 cascade activated by infiltrating B cells controls prostate regeneration and tumor recurrence. Genes Dev. 2013 Jul 01; 27(13):1435-40. PMID: 23796898; PMCID: PMC3713424.
    17. Bastian L, Hof J, Pfau M, Fichtner I, Eckert C, Henze G, Prada J, von Stackelberg A, Seeger K, Shalapour S. Synergistic activity of bortezomib and HDACi in preclinical models of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia via modulation of p53, PI3K/AKT, and NF-?B. Clin Cancer Res. 2013 Mar 15; 19(6):1445-57. PMID: 23357978.
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    18. Prada J, Shalapour S, Pfau M, Henze G, Seeger K. The serotonin receptor-antagonist ondansetron induces significant increases in the expression of interferon-gamma which correlate with antiproliferative properties in the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cell line REH. Scand J Immunol. 2012 Nov; 76(5):519-20. PMID: 22924677.
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    19. Shalapour S, Deiser K, Kühl AA, Glauben R, Krug SM, Fischer A, Sercan O, Chappaz S, Bereswill S, Heimesaat MM, Loddenkemper C, Fromm M, Finke D, Hämmerling GJ, Arnold B, Siegmund B, Schüler T. Interleukin-7 links T lymphocyte and intestinal epithelial cell homeostasis. PLoS One. 2012; 7(2):e31939. PMID: 22384106; PMCID: PMC3288069.
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    22. Prada J, Shalapour S, Pfau M, Henze G, Seeger K. Antiproliferative effect of the serotonin receptor antagonist ondansetron in the acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line REH. Acta Oncol. 2011 May; 50(4):591-2. PMID: 21091402.
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    23. Bastian L, Einsiedel HG, Henze G, Seeger K, Shalapour S. The sequence of application of methotrexate and histone deacetylase inhibitors determines either a synergistic or an antagonistic response in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Leukemia. 2011 Feb; 25(2):359-61. PMID: 21072050.
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    24. Czéh M, Loddenkemper C, Shalapour S, Schön C, Robine S, Goldscheid E, Stein H, Schüler T, Willimsky G, Blankenstein T. The immune response to sporadic colorectal cancer in a novel mouse model. Oncogene. 2010 Dec 16; 29(50):6591-602. PMID: 20818425.
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    25. Shalapour S, Deiser K, Sercan O, Tuckermann J, Minnich K, Willimsky G, Blankenstein T, Hämmerling GJ, Arnold B, Schüler T. Commensal microflora and interferon-gamma promote steady-state interleukin-7 production in vivo. Eur J Immunol. 2010 Sep; 40(9):2391-400. PMID: 20690180.
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    26. Shalapour S, Eckert C, Seeger K, Pfau M, Prada J, Henze G, Blankenstein T, Kammertoens T. Leukemia-associated genetic aberrations in mesenchymal stem cells of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. J Mol Med (Berl). 2010 Mar; 88(3):249-65. PMID: 20155409.
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