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Tools to Promote Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness: A Systematic Review.Academic Article Why?
Determinants of treatment intensity for patients with serious illness: a new conceptual framework.Academic Article Why?
Teaching serious illness communication through an innovative workshop.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Older Adults with Serious Illness: A Critical Step toward Improving the Value of Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Confidence with and Barriers to Serious Illness Communication: A National Survey of Hospitalists.Academic Article Why?
Dancing around death: hospitalist-patient communication about serious illness.Academic Article Why?
Palliative care answers the challenges of transitioning serious illness of childhood to adult medicine.Academic Article Why?
A Research Agenda for Communication Between Health Care Professionals and Patients Living With Serious Illness.Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of communication quality improvement interventions for patients with advanced and serious illness.Academic Article Why?
EM Talk: communication skills training for emergency medicine patients with serious illness.Academic Article Why?
Identifying Opportunities to Improve Pain Among Patients With Serious Illness.Academic Article Why?
Patient Self-Defined Goals: Essentials of Person-Centered Care for Serious Illness.Academic Article Why?
Use of cancer-screening services among persons with serious mental illness in Sacramento County.Academic Article Why?
Creating a medical home for homeless persons with serious mental illness.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of Medicaid managed behavioral health care for persons with serious mental illness.Academic Article Why?
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