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Advanced Proteogenomic Analysis Reveals Multiple Peptide Mutations and Complex Immunoglobulin Peptides in Colon Cancer.Academic Article Why?
Advancing cardiovascular biology and medicine via proteomics: Opportunities and present challenges of cardiovascular proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Subtle modification of isotope ratio proteomics; an integrated strategy for expression proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Burlingame, AlPerson Why?
Ping, PeipeiPerson Why?
Whitelegge, JulianPerson Why?
N-terminal protein processing: a comparative proteogenomic analysis.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic analysis of a thermophilic bacterial consortium adapted to deconstruct switchgrass.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic analyses indicate bacterial methylotrophy and archaeal heterotrophy are prevalent below the grass root zone.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic Analysis of C. elegansGrant Why?
Comparative proteogenomics: combining mass spectrometry and comparative genomics to analyze multiple genomes.Academic Article Why?
Discovery and revision of Arabidopsis genes by proteogenomics.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomic approaches for the molecular characterization of natural microbial communities.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomics of synaptosomal mitochondrial oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
Proteogenomics.Academic Article Why?
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