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Glantz, StantonPerson Why?
Advances in health policy and outcome 2010-2011.Academic Article Why?
Advances in stroke: Health policy/outcomes research 2013.Academic Article Why?
Dementia and aging populations-A global priority for contextualized research and health policy.Academic Article Why?
Environmental health policy & children's health.Academic Article Why?
Evidence-based public health policy and practice: promises and limits.Academic Article Why?
Harvesting the lessons of state health policy.Academic Article Why?
Health policy 2016: implications for geriatric urology.Academic Article Why?
Health policy and public trust.Academic Article Why?
Health policy roundtable panel discussion: translating health insurance studies into policy proposals.Academic Article Why?
Health policy update 2014: another exciting and turbulent year ahead.Academic Article Why?
Life course health development: an integrated framework for developing health, policy, and research.Academic Article Why?
Peer-to-peer interprofessional health policy education for Medicare part D.Academic Article Why?
Public health policy and gay bathhouses.Academic Article Why?
Shareholder activism and health policies.Academic Article Why?
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