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Executive cognitive function as a correlate and predictor of child food intake and physical activity.Academic Article Why?
Is parenting style related to children's healthy eating and physical activity in Latino families?Academic Article Why?
Eating and physical activity during adolescence: does it make a difference in adult health status?Academic Article Why?
Psychometric testing of the healthy eating and physical activity self-efficacy questionnaire and the healthy eating and physical activity behavior recall questionnaire for children.Academic Article Why?
Environmental interventions for eating and physical activity: a randomized controlled trial in middle schools.Academic Article Why?
The role of built environments in physical activity, eating, and obesity in childhood.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive Interviews of Vietnamese Americans on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Health Educational Materials.Academic Article Why?
Economic analysis of eating and physical activity: a next step for research and policy change.Academic Article Why?
Identifying patterns of eating and physical activity in children: a latent class analysis of obesity risk.Academic Article Why?
The need for time-intensive information in healthful eating and physical activity research: a timely topic.Academic Article Why?
Where Do Women Get Advice About Weight, Eating, and Physical Activity During Pregnancy?Academic Article Why?
Interventions to increase physical activity and healthy eating among overweight and obese children in Mexico.Academic Article Why?
Depressive symptoms, eating psychopathology, and physical activity in obese breast cancer survivors.Academic Article Why?
Sustaining Health-Protective Behaviors Such as Physical Activity and Healthy Eating.Academic Article Why?
Health care providers' perceived role in changing environments to promote healthy eating and physical activity: baseline findings from health care providers participating in the healthy eating, active communities program.Academic Article Why?
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