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Schillinger, DeanPerson Why?
Personal communication in primary and secondary cancer prevention: evolving discussions, emerging challenges.Academic Article Why?
Editorial overview: communication and language: animal communication and human language.Academic Article Why?
Sigman, MarianPerson Why?
Neural activity during encoding predicts false memories created by misinformation.Academic Article Why?
Communication with our teens: associations between confidential service and parent-teen communication.Academic Article Why?
The Art of Science Communication-A Novel Approach to Science Communication Training.Academic Article Why?
Misinformation about tobacco.Academic Article Why?
Kravitz, Richard LPerson Why?
Imaging the reconstruction of true and false memories using sensory reactivation and the misinformation paradigms.Academic Article Why?
When advocacy obscures accuracy online: digital pandemics of public health misinformation through an antifluoride case study.Academic Article Why?
Childhood Motor Impairment and Assisted CommunicationGrant Why?
Computer use, language, and literacy in safety net clinic communication.Academic Article Why?
Karliner, LeahPerson Why?
Nonverbal communication skills in young children with autism.Academic Article Why?
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