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New directions in cellular therapy of cancer: a summary of the summit on cellular therapy for cancer.Academic Article Why?
Endovascular restorative neurosurgery: a novel concept for molecular and cellular therapy of the nervous system.Academic Article Why?
Bioenergetic and functional consequences of cellular therapy: activation of endogenous cardiovascular progenitor cells.Academic Article Why?
The potential for cellular therapy combined with growth factors in spinal cord injury.Academic Article Why?
Extracorporeal cellular therapy (ELAD) in severe alcoholic hepatitis: A multinational, prospective, controlled, randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Improving cellular therapy for primary immune deficiency diseases: recognition, diagnosis, and management.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced cellular therapy for neonatal strokeGrant Why?
Tracheal bioengineering: the next steps. Proceeds of an International Society of Cell Therapy Pulmonary Cellular Therapy Signature Series Workshop, Paris, France, April 22, 2014.Academic Article Why?
Cellular immune response to cryptic epitopes during therapeutic gene transfer.Academic Article Why?
Cellular immune therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Academic Article Why?
Gamma interferon transduced 9L gliosarcoma. Cytokine gene therapy and its relevance to cellular therapy with alloreactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes.Academic Article Why?
Combined alloreactive CTL cellular therapy with prodrug activator gene therapy in a model of breast cancer metastatic to the brain.Academic Article Why?
Tang, QizhiPerson Why?
Combining cellular and gene therapy approaches for treatment of intracranial tumors.Academic Article Why?
Antiglioma immunological memory in response to conditional cytotoxic/immune-stimulatory gene therapy: humoral and cellular immunity lead to tumor regression.Academic Article Why?
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