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[Psychiatric Emergencies in Psychiatric Hospitals in Germany].Academic Article Why?
Factors affecting psychiatric inpatient hospitalization from a psychiatric emergency service.Academic Article Why?
Advance directives are more likely among seniors asked about end-of-life care preferences.Academic Article Why?
Advance directives: know what you want, get what you need.Academic Article Why?
An electronic medical record intervention increased nursing home advance directive orders and documentation.Academic Article Why?
Awareness and completion of advance directives in older Korean-American adults.Academic Article Why?
Bound by a promise: advance directives and "uninformed consent".Academic Article Why?
Doctor-patient communication about advance directives in metastatic breast cancer.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of an educational intervention to encourage advance directive discussions between medicine residents and patients.Academic Article Why?
Factors influencing rural Wisconsin elders in completing advance directives.Academic Article Why?
Lost in translation: the unintended consequences of advance directive law on clinical care.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric advance directives: parents' knowledge, experience, and preferences.Academic Article Why?
Resuscitating advance directives.Academic Article Why?
The case of Nancy Cruzan, the Patient Self-Determination Act and advance directives in Canada.Academic Article Why?
The invalid advance directive.Academic Article Why?
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