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Sudore, RebeccaPerson Why?
Measuring Advance Care Planning: Optimizing the Advance Care Planning Engagement Survey.Academic Article Why?
A Hospital-Based Advance Care Planning Intervention for Patients with Heart Failure: A Feasibility Study.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning and the quality of end-of-life care in older adults.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning in the elderly.Academic Article Why?
Advance Care Planning Meets Group Medical Visits: The Feasibility of Promoting Conversations.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning.Academic Article Why?
An interactive exercise in advance care planning for medical students.Academic Article Why?
Documentation of advance care planning for community-dwelling elders.Academic Article Why?
Incentivizing residents to document inpatient advance care planning.Academic Article Why?
Quantifying the value of palliative care and advance care planning.Academic Article Why?
Redefining the "planning" in advance care planning: preparing for end-of-life decision making.Academic Article Why?
Resident approaches to advance care planning on the day of hospital admission.Academic Article Why?
A clinical framework for improving the advance care planning process: start with patients' self-identified barriers.Academic Article Why?
Advance care planning beyond advance directives: perspectives from patients and surrogates.Academic Article Why?
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