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Ping, PeipeiPerson Why?
Cadenas, EnriquePerson Why?
Koehler, CarlaPerson Why?
Endoplasmic reticulum-associated mitochondria-cortex tether functions in the distribution and inheritance of mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
Mitochondria protection from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury with mitochondria heat shock protein 70 overexpression.Academic Article Why?
Weiss, JamesPerson Why?
Shirihai, OrianPerson Why?
Nunnari, Jodi MPerson Why?
Insulin's Control of Myocardial Mitochondria Bioenergetics and BiogenesisGrant Why?
Kaplowitz, NeilPerson Why?
Giulivi, Cecilia RPerson Why?
Role of JNK translocation to mitochondria leading to inhibition of mitochondria bioenergetics in acetaminophen-induced liver injury.Academic Article Why?
Metabolic labeling reveals proteome dynamics of mouse mitochondria.Academic Article Why?
Gustafsson, AsaPerson Why?
Cell Biology of the Mitochondrion.Academic Article Why?
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