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    Neil Chi

    TitleAssociate Professor In Residence
    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0613-J
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      Regulatory Mechanisms of Myocardial Reprogramming in Zebrafish
      NIH/NHLBI R01HL132298Apr 1, 2017 - Mar 31, 2021
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Reconstruction of cardiovascular regulatory networks from large-scale single-cell analyses of cardiovascular lineages
      NIH/NICHD R01HD085902Mar 1, 2016 - Feb 28, 2021
      Role: Principal Investigator
      GPCR Cytoprotective Signaling Mechanisms
      NIH/NIGMS R01GM116597Sep 1, 2015 - Jul 31, 2019
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Developmental Regulatory Genomics of Human Cardiovascular Lineages
      NIH/NHLBI UM1HL128773Aug 1, 2015 - Jul 31, 2020
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Electrical Biophysical Forces Impact Cardiac Morphogenesis
      NIH/NICHD R01HD069305Sep 10, 2011 - Jun 30, 2016
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NHLBI U01HL107442Jul 15, 2011 - Jun 30, 2017
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Molecular and genetic mechanisms of cardiac conduction development and disease
      NIH/NHLBI R01HL104239Jul 1, 2011 - Jun 30, 2015
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Directed Cardiac Cellular Programming: A New Paradigm for Cardiac Regeneration
      NIH DP2OD007464Sep 30, 2010 - Jun 30, 2015
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Zebrafish Heart Mutants:Physiological &Genetic Analyses
      NIH/NHLBI K08HL074891Mar 1, 2004 - Feb 28, 2010
      Role: Principal Investigator

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      3. Pradhan A, Zeng XI, Sidhwani P, Marques SR, George V, Targoff KL, Chi N, Yelon D. FGF signaling enforces cardiac chamber identity in the developing ventricle. Development. 2017 Apr 01; 144(7):1328-1338. PMID: 28232600.
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      5. Bloomekatz J, Galvez-Santisteban M, Chi N. Myocardial plasticity: cardiac development, regeneration and disease. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2016 Oct; 40:120-130. PMID: 27498024.
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      6. Lee J, Fei P, Sevag Packard RR, Kang H, Xu H, Baek KI, Jen N, Chen J, Yen H, Kuo CC, Chi N, Ho CM, Li R, Hsiai TK. 4-Dimensional light-sheet microscopy to elucidate shear stress modulation of cardiac trabeculation. J Clin Invest. 2016 Aug 01; 126(8):3158. PMID: 27479748; PMCID: PMC4966324.
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      8. Han P, Bloomekatz J, Ren J, Zhang R, Grinstein JD, Zhao L, Burns CG, Burns CE, Anderson RM, Chi N. Coordinating cardiomyocyte interactions to direct ventricular chamber morphogenesis. Nature. 2016 06 30; 534(7609):700-4. PMID: 27357797.
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        View in: PubMed
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        View in: PubMed
      49. Chi N, Epstein JA. Getting your Pax straight: Pax proteins in development and disease. Trends Genet. 2002 Jan; 18(1):41-7. PMID: 11750700.
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