Juan Jose Ripoll-Samper

Title(s)Specialist, Cell and Developmental Biology
SchoolAcademic Aff
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    University of Alicante (UA), SpainB.Sc.06/1998Biology-Biotechnology
    University Miguel Hernández (UMH), SpainMaster of Science01/2000Genetics/Plant Molecular Biology
    University Miguel Hernández (UMH), SpainPhD07/2004Plant Genetics/Plant Developmental Biology

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    1. Gomez MD, Barro-Trastoy D, Escoms E, Saura-Sánchez M, Sánchez I, Briones-Moreno A, Vera-Sirera F, Carrera E, Ripoll JJ, Yanofsky MF, Lopez-Diaz I, Alonso JM, Perez-Amador MA. Gibberellins negatively modulate ovule number in plants. Development. 2018 07 09; 145(13). PMID: 29914969.
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    2. Rodríguez-Cazorla E, Ortuño-Miquel S, Candela H, Bailey-Steinitz LJ, Yanofsky MF, Martínez-Laborda A, Ripoll JJ, Vera A. Ovule identity mediated by pre-mRNA processing in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet. 2018 01; 14(1):e1007182. PMID: 29329291.
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    3. Díaz-Manzano FE, Cabrera J, Ripoll JJ, Del Olmo I, Andrés MF, Silva AC, Barcala M, Sánchez M, Ruíz-Ferrer V, de Almeida-Engler J, Yanofsky MF, Piñeiro M, Jarillo JA, Fenoll C, Escobar C. A role for the gene regulatory module microRNA172/TARGET OF EARLY ACTIVATION TAGGED 1/FLOWERING LOCUS T (miRNA172/TOE1/FT) in the feeding sites induced by Meloidogyne javanica in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytol. 2018 Jan; 217(2):813-827. PMID: 29105090.
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    4. Gaillochet C, Stiehl T, Wenzl C, Ripoll JJ, Bailey-Steinitz LJ, Li L, Pfeiffer A, Miotk A, Hakenjos JP, Forner J, Yanofsky MF, Marciniak-Czochra A, Lohmann JU. Control of plant cell fate transitions by transcriptional and hormonal signals. Elife. 2017 10 23; 6. PMID: 29058667.
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    5. Reyes-Olalde JI, Zúñiga-Mayo VM, Serwatowska J, Chavez Montes RA, Lozano-Sotomayor P, Herrera-Ubaldo H, Gonzalez-Aguilera KL, Ballester P, Ripoll JJ, Ezquer I, Paolo D, Heyl A, Colombo L, Yanofsky MF, Ferrandiz C, Marsch-Martínez N, de Folter S. The bHLH transcription factor SPATULA enables cytokinin signaling, and both activate auxin biosynthesis and transport genes at the medial domain of the gynoecium. PLoS Genet. 2017 04; 13(4):e1006726. PMID: 28388635.
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    6. Guan P, Ripoll JJ, Wang R, Vuong L, Bailey-Steinitz LJ, Ye D, Crawford NM. Interacting TCP and NLP transcription factors control plant responses to nitrate availability. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 02 28; 114(9):2419-2424. PMID: 28202720.
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    7. Cosio C, Ranocha P, Francoz E, Burlat V, Zheng Y, Perry SE, Ripoll JJ, Yanofsky M, Dunand C. The class III peroxidase PRX17 is a direct target of the MADS-box transcription factor AGAMOUS-LIKE15 (AGL15) and participates in lignified tissue formation. New Phytol. 2017 01; 213(1):250-263. PMID: 27513887.
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    8. Rodríguez-Cazorla E, Andújar A, Ripoll JJ, Bailey LJ, Martínez-Laborda A, Yanofsky MF, Vera A. 3' Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (3' RACE) Using Arabidopsis Samples. Bio Protoc. 2015 Oct 05; 5(19):e1604. PMID: 27034968.
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    9. José Ripoll J, Bailey LJ, Mai QA, Wu SL, Hon CT, Chapman EJ, Ditta GS, Estelle M, Yanofsky MF. microRNA regulation of fruit growth. Nat Plants. 2015 Mar 30; 1(4):15036. PMID: 27247036.
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    10. Rodríguez-Cazorla E, Ripoll JJ, Andújar A, Bailey LJ, Martínez-Laborda A, Yanofsky MF, Vera A. K-homology nuclear ribonucleoproteins regulate floral organ identity and determinacy in arabidopsis. PLoS Genet. 2015 Feb; 11(2):e1004983. PMID: 25658099; PMCID: PMC4450054.
    11. González-Reig S, Ripoll JJ, Vera A, Yanofsky MF, Martínez-Laborda A. Antagonistic gene activities determine the formation of pattern elements along the mediolateral axis of the Arabidopsis fruit. PLoS Genet. 2012; 8(11):e1003020. PMID: 23133401; PMCID: PMC3486860.
    12. Romera-Branchat M, Ripoll JJ, Yanofsky MF, Pelaz S. The WOX13 homeobox gene promotes replum formation in the Arabidopsis thaliana fruit. Plant J. 2013 Jan; 73(1):37-49. PMID: 22946675.
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    13. Ripoll JJ, Roeder AH, Ditta GS, Yanofsky MF. A novel role for the floral homeotic gene APETALA2 during Arabidopsis fruit development. Development. 2011 Dec; 138(23):5167-76. PMID: 22031547.
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    14. Ripoll JJ, Rodríguez-Cazorla E, González-Reig S, Andújar A, Alonso-Cantabrana H, Perez-Amador MA, Carbonell J, Martínez-Laborda A, Vera A. Antagonistic interactions between Arabidopsis K-homology domain genes uncover PEPPER as a positive regulator of the central floral repressor FLOWERING LOCUS C. Dev Biol. 2009 Sep 15; 333(2):251-62. PMID: 19576878.
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    15. Ochando I, González-Reig S, Ripoll JJ, Vera A, Martínez-Laborda A. Alteration of the shoot radial pattern in Arabidopsis thaliana by a gain-of-function allele of the class III HD-Zip gene INCURVATA4. Int J Dev Biol. 2008; 52(7):953-61. PMID: 18956325.
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    16. Alonso-Cantabrana H, Ripoll JJ, Ochando I, Vera A, Ferrándiz C, Martínez-Laborda A. Common regulatory networks in leaf and fruit patterning revealed by mutations in the Arabidopsis ASYMMETRIC LEAVES1 gene. Development. 2007 Jul; 134(14):2663-71. PMID: 17592013.
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    17. Ochando I, Jover-Gil S, Ripoll JJ, Candela H, Vera A, Ponce MR, Martínez-Laborda A, Micol JL. Mutations in the microRNA complementarity site of the INCURVATA4 gene perturb meristem function and adaxialize lateral organs in arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2006 Jun; 141(2):607-19. PMID: 16617092; PMCID: PMC1475466.
    18. Ripoll JJ, Ferrándiz C, Martínez-Laborda A, Vera A. PEPPER, a novel K-homology domain gene, regulates vegetative and gynoecium development in Arabidopsis. Dev Biol. 2006 Jan 15; 289(2):346-59. PMID: 16356489.
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