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    Irina Rodionova

    TitleAssistant Project Scientist
    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    DepartmentMolecular Biology
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0116
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      1. Rodionova I, Zhang Z, Mehla J, Goodacre N, Babu M, Emili A, Uetz P, Saier MH. The phosphocarrier protein HPr of the bacterial phosphotransferase system globally regulates energy metabolism by directly interacting with multiple enzymes in Escherichia coli. J Biol Chem. 2017 Aug 25; 292(34):14250-14257. PMID: 28634232.
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      2. Rodionova I, Vetting MW, Li X, Almo SC, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA. A novel bifunctional transcriptional regulator of riboflavin metabolism in Archaea. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017 Apr 20; 45(7):3785-3799. PMID: 28073944.
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      3. Romine MF, Rodionov DA, Maezato Y, Anderson LN, Nandhikonda P, Rodionova I, Carre A, Li X, Xu C, Clauss TR, Kim YM, Metz TO, Wright AT. Elucidation of roles for vitamin B12 in regulation of folate, ubiquinone, and methionine metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Feb 14; 114(7):E1205-E1214. PMID: 28137868.
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      4. Rodionov DA, Leyn SA, Li X, Rodionova I. A Novel Transcriptional Regulator Related to Thiamine Phosphate Synthase Controls Thiamine Metabolism Genes in Archaea. J Bacteriol. 2017 Feb 15; 199(4). PMID: 27920295.
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      5. Zhang F, Patel DM, Colavita K, Rodionova I, Buckley B, Scott DA, Kumar A, Shabalina SA, Saha S, Chernov M, Osterman AL, Kashina A. Arginylation regulates purine nucleotide biosynthesis by enhancing the activity of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate synthase. Nat Commun. 2015 Jul 15; 6:7517. PMID: 26175007; PMCID: PMC4503932.
      6. Leyn SA, Rodionova I, Li X, Rodionov DA. Novel Transcriptional Regulons for Autotrophic Cycle Genes in Crenarchaeota. J Bacteriol. 2015 Jul; 197(14):2383-91. PMID: 25939834; PMCID: PMC4524184.
      7. Rodionova I, Zuccola HJ, Sorci L, Aleshin AE, Kazanov MD, Ma CT, Sergienko E, Rubin EJ, Locher CP, Osterman AL. Mycobacterial nicotinate mononucleotide adenylyltransferase: structure, mechanism, and implications for drug discovery. J Biol Chem. 2015 Mar 20; 290(12):7693-706. PMID: 25631047; PMCID: PMC4367272.
      8. Rodionova I, Li X, Plymale AE, Motamedchaboki K, Konopka AE, Romine MF, Fredrickson JK, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA. Genomic distribution of B-vitamin auxotrophy and uptake transporters in environmental bacteria from the Chloroflexi phylum. Environ Microbiol Rep. 2015 Apr; 7(2):204-10. PMID: 25345570.
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      9. Rodionova I, Schuster BM, Guinn KM, Sorci L, Scott DA, Li X, Kheterpal I, Shoen C, Cynamon M, Locher C, Rubin EJ, Osterman AL. Metabolic and bactericidal effects of targeted suppression of NadD and NadE enzymes in mycobacteria. MBio. 2014 Feb 18; 5(1). PMID: 24549842; PMCID: PMC3944813.
      10. Rodionova I, Li X, Thiel V, Stolyar S, Stanton K, Fredrickson JK, Bryant DA, Osterman AL, Best AA, Rodionov DA. Comparative genomics and functional analysis of rhamnose catabolic pathways and regulons in bacteria. Front Microbiol. 2013; 4:407. PMID: 24391637; PMCID: PMC3870299.
      11. Anton BP, Chang YC, Brown P, Choi HP, Faller LL, Guleria J, Hu Z, Klitgord N, Levy-Moonshine A, Maksad A, Mazumdar V, McGettrick M, Osmani L, Pokrzywa R, Rachlin J, Swaminathan R, Allen B, Housman G, Monahan C, Rochussen K, Tao K, Bhagwat AS, Brenner SE, Columbus L, de Crécy-Lagard V, Ferguson D, Fomenkov A, Gadda G, Morgan RD, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA, Rodionova I, Rudd KE, Söll D, Spain J, Xu SY, Bateman A, Blumenthal RM, Bollinger JM, Chang WS, Ferrer M, Friedberg I, Galperin MY, Gobeill J, Haft D, Hunt J, Karp P, Klimke W, Krebs C, Macelis D, Madupu R, Martin MJ, Miller JH, O'Donovan C, Palsson B, Ruch P, Setterdahl A, Sutton G, Tate J, Yakunin A, Tchigvintsev D, Plata G, Hu J, Greiner R, Horn D, Sjölander K, Salzberg SL, Vitkup D, Letovsky S, Segrè D, DeLisi C, Roberts RJ, Steffen M, Kasif S. The COMBREX project: design, methodology, and initial results. PLoS Biol. 2013; 11(8):e1001638. PMID: 24013487; PMCID: PMC3754883.
      12. Rodionov DA, Rodionova I, Li X, Ravcheev DA, Tarasova Y, Portnoy VA, Zengler K, Osterman AL. Transcriptional regulation of the carbohydrate utilization network in Thermotoga maritima. Front Microbiol. 2013; 4:244. PMID: 23986752; PMCID: PMC3750489.
      13. Rodionova I, Leyn SA, Burkart MD, Boucher N, Noll KM, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA. Novel inositol catabolic pathway in Thermotoga maritima. Environ Microbiol. 2013 Aug; 15(8):2254-66. PMID: 23441918.
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      14. Sorci L, Blaby IK, Rodionova I, De Ingeniis J, Tkachenko S, de Crécy-Lagard V, Osterman AL. Quinolinate salvage and insights for targeting NAD biosynthesis in group A streptococci. J Bacteriol. 2013 Feb; 195(4):726-32. PMID: 23204464; PMCID: PMC3562111.
      15. Rodionova I, Scott DA, Grishin NV, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA. Tagaturonate-fructuronate epimerase UxaE, a novel enzyme in the hexuronate catabolic network in Thermotoga maritima. Environ Microbiol. 2012 Nov; 14(11):2920-34. PMID: 22925190; PMCID: PMC4505799.
      16. Rodionova I, Yang C, Li X, Kurnasov OV, Best AA, Osterman AL, Rodionov DA. Diversity and versatility of the Thermotoga maritima sugar kinome. J Bacteriol. 2012 Oct; 194(20):5552-63. PMID: 22885293; PMCID: PMC3458674.
      17. Zhang Y, Zagnitko O, Rodionova I, Osterman A, Godzik A. The FGGY carbohydrate kinase family: insights into the evolution of functional specificities. PLoS Comput Biol. 2011 Dec; 7(12):e1002318. PMID: 22215998; PMCID: PMC3245297.
      18. Johnson S, Barile E, Farina B, Purves A, Wei J, Chen LH, Shiryaev S, Zhang Z, Rodionova I, Agrawal A, Cohen SM, Osterman A, Strongin A, Pellecchia M. Targeting metalloproteins by fragment-based lead discovery. Chem Biol Drug Des. 2011 Aug; 78(2):211-23. PMID: 21564556; PMCID: PMC3135788.
      19. Rodionov DA, Novichkov PS, Stavrovskaya ED, Rodionova I, Li X, Kazanov MD, Ravcheev DA, Gerasimova AV, Kazakov AE, Kovaleva GY, Permina EA, Laikova ON, Overbeek R, Romine MF, Fredrickson JK, Arkin AP, Dubchak I, Osterman AL, Gelfand MS. Comparative genomic reconstruction of transcriptional networks controlling central metabolism in the Shewanella genus. BMC Genomics. 2011 Jun 15; 12 Suppl 1:S3. PMID: 21810205; PMCID: PMC3223726.
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      21. Huang N, Kolhatkar R, Eyobo Y, Sorci L, Rodionova I, Osterman AL, Mackerell AD, Zhang H. Complexes of bacterial nicotinate mononucleotide adenylyltransferase with inhibitors: implication for structure-based drug design and improvement. J Med Chem. 2010 Jul 22; 53(14):5229-39. PMID: 20578699; PMCID: PMC2915899.
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