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    Beverly Emerson

    TitleAdjunct Professor
    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    DepartmentMolecular Biology
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0932
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      Deregulation of CTCF in Epigenetic Gene Silencing in Human Cancers
      NIH/NCI R01CA159354Jun 1, 2011 - May 31, 2016
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Genomic Mapping of C-G Epigenetic Programs in Hematovascular Progenitor Cells
      NIH/NIGMS R01GM078626Sep 20, 2006 - Aug 31, 2010
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Gordon Conference on the Red Cell
      NIH/NIDDK R13DK059827Jul 15, 2001 - Jun 30, 2002
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NCI R13CA091512Jan 12, 2001 - Dec 31, 2001
      Role: Principal Investigator
      NIH/NICHD R13HD035945Jul 1, 1997 - Jun 30, 1998
      Role: Principal Investigator
      Specificity of Mammalian SWI/SNF Remodeling Complexes
      NIH/NIGMS R01GM038760Jul 1, 1987 - Nov 30, 2008
      Role: Principal Investigator

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      2. Lee MC, Lopez-Diaz FJ, Khan SY, Tariq MA, Dayn Y, Vaske CJ, Radenbaugh AJ, Kim HJ, Emerson B, Pourmand N. Single-cell analyses of transcriptional heterogeneity during drug tolerance transition in cancer cells by RNA sequencing. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Nov 04; 111(44):E4726-35. PMID: 25339441; PMCID: PMC4226127.
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