Alexandre Gingras

Title(s)Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine
SchoolHealth Sciences
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    Université LavalB.Sc.1997Biochemistry
    Université LavalM.Sc.1998Cellular and Molecular Biology
    University of LeicesterPh.D.2005Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

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    Dr. Gingras's work focus on determining the three-dimensional structure of protein-protein complexes to better understand how they interact with each others. He is also working closely with biologists to test structure-guided mutant proteins that fail to interact with each others to better understand the role of the interactions in the development of certain diseases. Dr. Gingras's research falls into three distinct but overlapping areas: i) cell-extracellular matrix interactions, ii) cell-cell interactions, and iii) the complement system of immunity.

    The first focus is to understand the structure, function and dynamics of talin dependent integrin activation. They solved the structures of all 18 domains of talin and complexes with binding partners. Together they show that talin has evolved to regulate integrin activity, it couples the integrins to cytoskeletal actin and acts as a mechanosensitive protein.

    A second focus is to determine the molecular basis of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCMs), an autosomal dominant disorder affecting 1:200 people that arises from a weakening of endothelial cell junctions. They used structural and biochemical approaches to investigate the interaction between CCM proteins (CCM1-3), which form part of a multi-protein complex localized at endothelial cell-cell junctions.

    Finally, their work on the complement system of immunity has been to determine the structure of key proteins that recognize pathogens and this has lead to a better understanding on how they function. Moreover, inadequate complement activation becomes cause of disease and their structural insights revealed a new focus for inhibitors.

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