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Publications: To add, remove, or fix a publication, sign in to edit your profile page.

Photo: To add or remove a photo, sign in to edit your profile page.

Name/Degree/Contact Information: We get this data from the UCSD Directory (Blink). Changes to your data should be directed to the Payroll/Personnel Analyst for your UCSD campus department. If unsure who this person is, contact your department's Business Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please share your feedback about how to improve UCSD Profiles, and let us know if UCSD Profiles has enabled your research in any way. Your success stories are important to enable the continued support and expansion of this important tool.

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Researcher Information

An individual's profile page shows data drawn from external sources, and may also display custom content added by the researcher.

Name, degrees and contact information are imported from campus systems.

Profile owners may add:
  • Photo
  • Education and Training
  • Awards and Honors
  • Research Overview
  • Interests
  • Featured Publications
  • Faculty Mentoring
  • Student Projects
  • Twitter and other feeds
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • News Links

Research Activities and Funding come from NIH ExPORTER. Other grants
may be added.

Published articles available
in PubMed are listed automatically. Other publications may be added.
Networks are generated from research available in PubMed.

Research concepts/topics based on PubMed MeSH terms

Co-authors from the same institution

Co-authors from external institutions

Researchers working on the same topics

Many researchers also have Clinical Trials information based on trials listed in

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is listed in UCSD Profiles?

  • UCSD Profiles was created for research networking so we initially focused on adding UCSD faculty members, researchers with academic leadership appointments, and non-faculty academic researchers.
  • We are happy to include research staff and other individuals in the UCSD community, on request and if possible.
  • Profile creation requires that an individual's data be in the UCSD Directory (Blink) and set to be shared with public websites. If you are a UCSD employee and do not have a profile, request yours now by sending us your UCSD Employee ID.

Who can view UCSD Profiles?

  • UCSD Profiles is searchable on the web and can be viewed by the general public as well as the UCSD community.

How do I sign in to UCSD Profiles?

Why are there missing or incorrect publications in my profile? How can I correct this?

  • UCSD Profiles uses a complex mix of names, institution, and manually entered publication information to find your publications in PubMed's repository. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to exactly match all articles in PubMed to UCSD authors with complete precision and accuracy. The algorithm used to find articles from PubMed attempts to minimize the number of publications incorrectly added to a profile; however, this method may result in some missing or incorrectly listed publications.
  • People who have common names, who published under multiple names or whose articles were written at other institutions are most likely to have incomplete publication lists.
  • You can make corrections by manually searching PubMed from within Profiles to add, edit or delete publications. By curating publications manually, you are helping UCSD Profiles to identify which concepts and co-authors are correctly associated with your profile, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding the right publications on subsequent attempts.
  • NOTE: If you would like to add publications, grants, clinical trials or other examples of your scholarly activity that are not in MEDLINE/PubMed, NIH Reporter, or, you can add them manually in the appropriate section, or in your Overview.

Can someone manage my profile page for me?

  • Yes. Proxies are people within Profiles who can edit other people's profiles on their behalf. For example, faculty can designate their assistants as proxies to edit their profiles. If you have a profile, then one or more proxies might be assigned to you automatically by your department or institution. You also have the option of designating your own proxies by signing in and going to Manage Proxies in the edit menu. Proxies do not need to have profile pages themselves.

Who manages UCSD Profiles?