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    Kiyono, HiroshiPerson Why?
    Sette, AlessandroPerson Why?
    Raz, EyalPerson Why?
    Mucosal vaccines: novel advances in technology and delivery.Academic Article Why?
    Challenges in mucosal vaccines for the control of infectious diseases.Academic Article Why?
    Von Herrath, MatthiasPerson Why?
    Chambers, ChristinaPerson Why?
    Acne Vaccines Targeting a Surface Sialidase and a Secreted CAMP Factor ToxinGrant Why?
    Cancer vaccines: an update.Academic Article Why?
    Epitope-based vaccines: an update on epitope identification, vaccine design and delivery.Academic Article Why?
    Development of experimental carbohydrate-conjugate vaccines composed of Streptococcus pneumoniae capsular polysaccharides and the universal helper T-lymphocyte epitope (PADRE).Academic Article Why?
    DNA-based vaccines for allergic disease.Academic Article Why?
    [Advances in the preparation of combined vaccine against abdominal typhus, paratyphoid and tetanus (TABTe vaccine)].Academic Article Why?
    Update From the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.Academic Article Why?
    Hepatitis A vaccines: past, present, and future.Academic Article Why?
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