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    Multiplex Substrate Profiling by Mass Spectrometry for Kinases as a Method for Revealing Quantitative Substrate Motifs.Academic Article Why?
    Global substrate specificity profiling of post-translational modifying enzymes.Academic Article Why?
    O'Donoghue, AnthonyPerson Why?
    Peptidase substrates via global peptide profiling.Academic Article Why?
    A unique substrate recognition profile for matrix metalloproteinase-2.Academic Article Why?
    Highly sensitive and adaptable fluorescence-quenched pair discloses the substrate specificity profiles in diverse protease families.Academic Article Why?
    Global identification of peptidase specificity by multiplex substrate profiling.Academic Article Why?
    Substrate Profiling and High Resolution Co-complex Crystal Structure of a Secreted C11 Protease Conserved across Commensal Bacteria.Academic Article Why?
    Global substrate profiling of proteases in human neutrophil extracellular traps reveals consensus motif predominantly contributed by elastase.Academic Article Why?
    Design of ultrasensitive probes for human neutrophil elastase through hybrid combinatorial substrate library profiling.Academic Article Why?
    Substrate specificity profiling and identification of a new class of inhibitor for the major protease of the SARS coronavirus.Academic Article Why?
    Characterization of 5-chloro-5-deoxy-D-ribose 1-dehydrogenase in chloroethylmalonyl coenzyme A biosynthesis: substrate and reaction profiling.Academic Article Why?
    Glycosylation broadens the substrate profile of membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase.Academic Article Why?
    A substrate-free activity-based protein profiling screen for the discovery of selective PREPL inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
    Activity profiling of human deSUMOylating enzymes (SENPs) with synthetic substrates suggests an unexpected specificity of two newly characterized members of the family.Academic Article Why?
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