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    Regulatory mechanisms of proteasome function in neuronsGrant Why?
    Moore, BradleyPerson Why?
    Cigarette smoke induces Akt protein degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system.Academic Article Why?
    A large fraction of HLA class I ligands are proteasome-generated spliced peptides.Academic Article Why?
    Proteasome inhibition in cancer is associated with enhanced tumor targeting by the adeno-associated virus/phage.Academic Article Why?
    Proteasome Endopeptidase ComplexConcept Why?
    Capzimin is a potent and specific inhibitor of proteasome isopeptidase Rpn11.Academic Article Why?
    Marizomib, a proteasome inhibitor for all seasons: preclinical profile and a framework for clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
    Development of a Potent Inhibitor of the Plasmodium Proteasome with Reduced Mammalian Toxicity.Academic Article Why?
    Discovery of an Inhibitor of the Proteasome Subunit Rpn11.Academic Article Why?
    Molecular mechanisms of acquired proteasome inhibitor resistance.Academic Article Why?
    Structure- and function-based design of Plasmodium-selective proteasome inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
    Patrick, GentryPerson Why?
    Advances in and applications of proteasome inhibitors.Academic Article Why?
    Enzyme inhibition by hydroamination: design and mechanism of a hybrid carmaphycin-syringolin enone proteasome inhibitor.Academic Article Why?
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