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    Roeland, EricPerson Why?
    A five-year review of referrals for perinatal palliative care.Academic Article Why?
    PAL-MED CONNECT ®: a telephone consultation hotline for palliative medicine questions.Academic Article Why?
    Palliative care, geriatric psychiatry, and you.Academic Article Why?
    The effect of expressive art on fatigue in palliative medicine fellows.Academic Article Why?
    The level of need for palliative care: a systematic review of the literature.Academic Article Why?
    Palliative care in the treatment of advanced heart failure.Academic Article Why?
    Edmonds, KylePerson Why?
    Development of an ambulatory palliative care pharmacist practice.Academic Article Why?
    Ajayi, ToluwalasePerson Why?
    The opportunity for psychiatry in palliative care.Academic Article Why?
    Barriers and Facilitators to Scaling Up Outpatient Palliative Care.Academic Article Why?
    Palliative Care in Heart Failure.Academic Article Why?
    Palliative Care Teams as Advocates for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease.Academic Article Why?
    Primary palliative care in neonatal intensive care.Academic Article Why?
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