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    Yaksh, TonyPerson Why?
    Wallace, MarkPerson Why?
    Bennett, GaryPerson Why?
    Oxime-Assisted Catalysis of Organophosphates and Reactivation of AChEGrant Why?
    Ilfeld, BrianPerson Why?
    Opioids, pain, the brain, and hyperkatifeia: a framework for the rational use of opioids for pain.Academic Article Why?
    Pesce, AmadeoPerson Why?
    Sorkin, LindaPerson Why?
    Radic, ZoranPerson Why?
    Afari, NiloofarPerson Why?
    Wilsey, BarthPerson Why?
    Svensson, CamillaPerson Why?
    Skeletal aches and pains.Academic Article Why?
    Pain and impairment beliefs in chronic low back pain: validation of the Pain and Impairment Relationship Scale (PAIRS).Academic Article Why?
    Pain scores are not predictive of pain medication utilization.Academic Article Why?
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