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    Semimembranosus muscle herniation: a rare case with emphasis on muscle biomechanics.Academic Article Why?
    Sinha, ShantanuPerson Why?
    Effects of trotting speed on muscle activity and kinematics in saddlehorses.Academic Article Why?
    Muscle kinematics during isometric contraction: development of phase contrast and spin tag techniques to study healthy and atrophied muscles.Academic Article Why?
    Ward, SamuelPerson Why?
    Patterns of red muscle strain/activation and body kinematics during steady swimming in a lamnid shark, the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus).Academic Article Why?
    National Center for Muscle Rehabilitation ResearchGrant Why?
    Smitaman, EdwardPerson Why?
    Correlation between surface electromyography and kinematics of the hindlimb of horses at trot on a treadmill.Academic Article Why?
    Biomechanics of the vibrissa motor plant in rat: rhythmic whisking consists of triphasic neuromuscular activity.Academic Article Why?
    Chien, ShuPerson Why?
    Sarcomere length and joint kinematics during torque production in frog hindlimb.Academic Article Why?
    Labial kinematics during speech in patients with parkinsonian rigidity.Academic Article Why?
    CORR Insights®: does proximal rectus femoris release influence kinematics in patients with cerebral palsy and stiff knee gait?Academic Article Why?
    Resnick, DonaldPerson Why?
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