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    Gut bacterial endotoxin: influence on gut-associated lymphoreticular tissue and host immune function.Academic Article Why?
    Gutglass, DavidPerson Why?
    Gutierrez Martinez, EdgarPerson Why?
    Gutierrez, CeciliaPerson Why?
    Gutierrez, DavidPerson Why?
    Gutierrez, RyanPerson Why?
    Gutkind, JorgePerson Why?
    Gut-associated lymphoid tissues for the development of oral vaccines.Academic Article Why?
    Gut-liver axis at the frontier of host-microbial interactions.Academic Article Why?
    Traffic control at the "Gut-GALT crossroads".Academic Article Why?
    Effect of flow and peristaltic mixing on bacterial growth in a gut-like channel.Academic Article Why?
    Epithelial Control of Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Formation through p38a-Dependent Restraint of NF-?B Signaling.Academic Article Why?
    Indigenous opportunistic bacteria inhabit mammalian gut-associated lymphoid tissues and share a mucosal antibody-mediated symbiosis.Academic Article Why?
    Role of gut-associated lymphoreticular tissues in antigen-specific intestinal IgA immunity.Academic Article Why?
    The drug transporter OAT3 (SLC22A8) and endogenous metabolite communication via the gut-liver-kidney axis.Academic Article Why?
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