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    Closing the loop: physician communication with diabetic patients who have low health literacy.Academic Article Why?
    How to bootstrap a human communication system.Academic Article Why?
    Measuring patient-centered communication in patient-physician consultations: theoretical and practical issues.Academic Article Why?
    Patient-centered communication and diagnostic testing.Academic Article Why?
    Ratings of physician communication by real and standardized patients.Academic Article Why?
    Patient-centered communication in primary care: physician and patient gender and gender concordance.Academic Article Why?
    Professional and family understanding of impaired communication.Academic Article Why?
    Real-Time Imaging of metabolic CommunicationGrant Why?
    Communication strategies for nurses interacting with deaf patients.Academic Article Why?
    A cell-phone-based brain-computer interface for communication in daily life.Academic Article Why?
    Improving communication using an electronic bulletin board.Academic Article Why?
    Intercellular (mis)communication in neurodegenerative disease.Academic Article Why?
    Relationship of advance directives to physician-patient communication.Academic Article Why?
    Patient satisfaction with physician-patient communication during telemedicine.Academic Article Why?
    Improving patient-provider communication: a call to action.Academic Article Why?
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