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    Birth defects surveillance in Ukraine: a process.Academic Article Why?
    Chambers, ChristinaPerson Why?
    Prenatal diagnosis of hereditary disease and congenital defects.Academic Article Why?
    Lamberti, JohnPerson Why?
    Hagler, DonaldPerson Why?
    El-said, HowaidaPerson Why?
    Mubarak, ScottPerson Why?
    Congenital abnormalities of the submandibular duct.Academic Article Why?
    The Brazilian Zika virus strain causes birth defects in experimental models.Academic Article Why?
    C sign: talocalcaneal coalition or flatfoot deformity?Academic Article Why?
    Congenital AbnormalitiesConcept Why?
    Heart Defects, CongenitalConcept Why?
    Birth defects among infants of Gulf War veterans, 1989-1993.Academic Article Why?
    Findings from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study: Interpretation and translation for the clinician.Academic Article Why?
    Prevalence of birth defects among infants of Gulf War veterans in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Iowa, 1989-1993.Academic Article Why?
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