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    Wilkinson, MilesPerson Why?
    Rosenfeld, MichaelPerson Why?
    Mellon, PamelaPerson Why?
    Coronavirus nonstructural protein 1: Common and distinct functions in the regulation of host and viral gene expression.Academic Article Why?
    A bottom-up approach to gene regulation.Academic Article Why?
    Ecker, JosephPerson Why?
    Active and Inactive Enhancers Cooperate to Exert Localized and Long-Range Control of Gene Regulation.Academic Article Why?
    Evidence that DNA methylation engenders dynamic gene regulation.Academic Article Why?
    Fibrogenesis and type I collagen gene regulation.Academic Article Why?
    Gene regulation by non-coding RNAs.Academic Article Why?
    Gene regulation in spermatogenesis.Academic Article Why?
    Quantitative characteristics of gene regulation by small RNA.Academic Article Why?
    Specificity of gene regulation.Academic Article Why?
    Chory, JoannePerson Why?
    Firtel, RichardPerson Why?
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