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    Gutkind, JorgePerson Why?
    The G protein-coupled receptors: pharmacogenetics and disease.Academic Article Why?
    Activation of MAPKs by G protein-coupled receptors.Academic Article Why?
    Activation of Ras and Rho GTPases and MAP Kinases by G-protein-coupled receptors.Academic Article Why?
    G protein-coupled receptors disrupted in human genetic disease.Academic Article Why?
    G-protein-coupled receptors and cancer.Academic Article Why?
    Using constitutive activity to define appropriate high-throughput screening assays for orphan g protein-coupled receptors.Academic Article Why?
    Diverse activation states of RhoA in human lung cancer cells: contribution of G protein coupled receptors.Academic Article Why?
    G-protein-coupled receptors and asthma endophenotypes: the cysteinyl leukotriene system in perspective.Academic Article Why?
    Mapping the druggable allosteric space of G-protein coupled receptors: a fragment-based molecular dynamics approach.Academic Article Why?
    Genetic variation in G-protein-coupled receptors--consequences for G-protein-coupled receptors as drug targets.Academic Article Why?
    Thompson, MilesPerson Why?
    The Presenilins as G-Protein Coupled ReceptorsGrant Why?
    Molecular Imaging of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors for Drug DevelopmentGrant Why?
    Free energy landscape of G-protein coupled receptors, explored by accelerated molecular dynamics.Academic Article Why?
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