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    TAHLC:Texting to promote Adolescent Health Liaisons &Chronic disease ManagementGrant Why?
    Perceived control moderated the self-efficacy-enhancing effects of a chronic illness self-management intervention.Academic Article Why?
    Self-report adherence measures in chronic illness: retest reliability and predictive validity.Academic Article Why?
    Infectious and chronic disease epidemiology: separate and unequal?Academic Article Why?
    Ries, AndrewPerson Why?
    Wagner, PeterPerson Why?
    Depressive symptoms moderated the effect of chronic illness self-management training on self-efficacy.Academic Article Why?
    Chronic Diseases as Barriers to Oxygen Delivery: A Unifying Hypothesis of Tissue Reoxygenation Therapy.Academic Article Why?
    Health Vlogger-Viewer Interaction in Chronic Illness Management.Academic Article Why?
    Slowing Down of Recovery as Generic Risk Marker for Acute Severity Transitions in Chronic Diseases.Academic Article Why?
    Treating interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome as a chronic disease.Academic Article Why?
    Health Vlogs as Social Support for Chronic Illness Management.Academic Article Why?
    Chronic DiseaseConcept Why?
    Granulomatous Disease, ChronicConcept Why?
    Hospitals, Chronic DiseaseConcept Why?
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