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    Sailor, MichaelPerson Why?
    Design and application of genetically encoded biosensors.Academic Article Why?
    Dynamic concentration challenges for biosensor characterization.Academic Article Why?
    Electrochemical tattoo biosensors for real-time noninvasive lactate monitoring in human perspiration.Academic Article Why?
    Experimental and theoretical investigation of the precise transduction mechanism in giant magnetoresistive biosensors.Academic Article Why?
    Genetically Encoded Biosensors Reveal PKA Hyperphosphorylation on the Myofilaments in Rabbit Heart Failure.Academic Article Why?
    Label-free DNA biosensor based on a peptide nucleic acid-functionalized microstructured optical fiber-Bragg grating.Academic Article Why?
    A novel automated flow-based biosensor for the determination of organophosphate pesticides in milk.Academic Article Why?
    An in vivo biosensor for neurotransmitter release and in situ receptor activity.Academic Article Why?
    Biocompatible enzymatic roller pens for direct writing of biocatalytic materials: "do-it-yourself" electrochemical biosensors.Academic Article Why?
    Charge binding of rhodamine derivative to OH- stabilized nanomaghemite: universal nanocarrier for construction of magnetofluorescent biosensors.Academic Article Why?
    Detoxification of organophosphate residues using phosphotriesterase and their evaluation using flow based biosensor.Academic Article Why?
    Flow injection analysis biosensor for urea analysis in adulterated milk using enzyme thermistor.Academic Article Why?
    Genetically encoded biosensors for visualizing live-cell biochemical activity at super-resolution.Academic Article Why?
    Guiding pancreatic beta cells to target electrodes in a whole-cell biosensor for diabetes.Academic Article Why?
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