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    Scheuermann, RichardPerson Why?
    Bourne, PhilipPerson Why?
    Ten Years of PLoS Computational Biology: A Decade of Appreciation and Innovation.Academic Article Why?
    A Review of 2008 for PLoS Computational Biology.Academic Article Why?
    A Review of 2010 for PLoS Computational Biology.Academic Article Why?
    PLoS Computational Biology conference postcards from PSB 2010.Academic Article Why?
    PLoS Computational Biology: a new community journal.Academic Article Why?
    The anatomy of successful computational biology software.Academic Article Why?
    Subramaniam, ShankarPerson Why?
    Saier, MiltonPerson Why?
    Palsson, BernhardPerson Why?
    Mccammon, J. AndrewPerson Why?
    Computational biology resources lack persistence and usability.Academic Article Why?
    Developing computational biology.Academic Article Why?
    Will widgets and semantic tagging change computational biology?Academic Article Why?
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