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    Cleber Trujillo

    TitleAssociate Project Scientist
    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0695
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      1. Thomas CA, Tejwani L, Trujillo C, Negraes PD, Herai RH, Mesci P, Macia A, Crow YJ, Muotri AR. Modeling of TREX1-Dependent Autoimmune Disease using Human Stem Cells Highlights L1 Accumulation as a Source of Neuroinflammation. Cell Stem Cell. 2017 Sep 07; 21(3):319-331.e8. PMID: 28803918.
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      2. Liang N, Trujillo C, Negraes PD, Muotri AR, Lameu C, Ulrich H. Stem cell contributions to neurological disease modeling and personalized medicine. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2017 May 31. PMID: 28576415.
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      3. Negraes PD, Cugola FR, Herai RH, Trujillo C, Cristino AS, Chailangkarn T, Muotri AR, Duvvuri V. Modeling anorexia nervosa: transcriptional insights from human iPSC-derived neurons. Transl Psychiatry. 2017 Mar 14; 7(3):e1060. PMID: 28291261.
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      4. Pillat MM, Lameu C, Trujillo C, Glaser T, Cappellari AR, Negraes PD, Battastini AM, Schwindt TT, Muotri AR, Ulrich H. Bradykinin promotes neuron-generating division of neural progenitor cells through ERK activation. J Cell Sci. 2016 Sep 15; 129(18):3437-48. PMID: 27528403.
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      5. Chailangkarn T, Trujillo C, Freitas BC, Hrvoj-Mihic B, Herai RH, Yu DX, Brown TT, Marchetto MC, Bardy C, McHenry L, Stefanacci L, Järvinen A, Searcy YM, DeWitt M, Wong W, Lai P, Ard MC, Hanson KL, Romero S, Jacobs B, Dale AM, Dai L, Korenberg JR, Gage FH, Bellugi U, Halgren E, Semendeferi K, Muotri AR. A human neurodevelopmental model for Williams syndrome. Nature. 2016 08 18; 536(7616):338-43. PMID: 27509850; PMCID: PMC4995142 [Available on 02/18/17].
      6. Marchetto MC, Belinson H, Tian Y, Freitas BC, Fu C, Vadodaria KC, Beltrao-Braga PC, Trujillo C, Mendes AP, Padmanabhan K, Nunez Y, Ou J, Ghosh H, Wright R, Brennand KJ, Pierce K, Eichenfield L, Pramparo T, Eyler LT, Barnes CC, Courchesne E, Geschwind DH, Gage FH, Wynshaw-Boris A, Muotri AR. Altered proliferation and networks in neural cells derived from idiopathic autistic individuals. Mol Psychiatry. 2016 Jul 05. PMID: 27378147.
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      7. Zhang ZN, Freitas BC, Qian H, Lux J, Acab A, Trujillo C, Herai RH, Nguyen Huu VA, Wen JH, Joshi-Barr S, Karpiak JV, Engler AJ, Fu XD, Muotri AR, Almutairi A. Layered hydrogels accelerate iPSC-derived neuronal maturation and reveal migration defects caused by MeCP2 dysfunction. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Mar 22; 113(12):3185-90. PMID: 26944080; PMCID: PMC4812712.
      8. Vessoni AT, Herai RH, Karpiak JV, Leal AM, Trujillo C, Quinet A, Agnez Lima LF, Menck CF, Muotri AR. Cockayne syndrome-derived neurons display reduced synapse density and altered neural network synchrony. Hum Mol Genet. 2016 Apr 01; 25(7):1271-80. PMID: 26755826; PMCID: PMC4787902 [Available on 04/01/17].
      9. Kumar N, Richter J, Cutts J, Bush KT, Trujillo C, Nigam SK, Gaasterland T, Brafman D, Willert K. Generation of an expandable intermediate mesoderm restricted progenitor cell line from human pluripotent stem cells. Elife. 2015 Nov 10; 4. PMID: 26554899; PMCID: PMC4631902.
      10. Nageshappa S, Carromeu C, Trujillo C, Mesci P, Espuny-Camacho I, Pasciuto E, Vanderhaeghen P, Verfaillie CM, Raitano S, Kumar A, Carvalho CM, Bagni C, Ramocki MB, Araujo BH, Torres LB, Lupski JR, Van Esch H, Muotri AR. Altered neuronal network and rescue in a human MECP2 duplication model. Mol Psychiatry. 2016 Feb; 21(2):178-88. PMID: 26347316; PMCID: PMC4720528.
      11. Oliveira SL, Trujillo C, Negraes PD, Ulrich H. Effects of ATP and NGF on Proliferation and Migration of Neural Precursor Cells. Neurochem Res. 2015 Sep; 40(9):1849-57. PMID: 26233465.
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      12. Negraes PD, Trujillo C, Pillat MM, Teng YD, Ulrich H. Roles of kinins in the nervous system. Cell Transplant. 2015; 24(4):613-23. PMID: 25839228.
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      13. Berríos VO, Boukli NM, Rodriguez JW, Negraes PD, Schwindt TT, Trujillo C, Oliveira SL, Cubano LA, Ferchmin PA, Eterovic VA, Ulrich H, Martins AH. Paraoxon and Pyridostigmine Interfere with Neural Stem Cell Differentiation. Neurochem Res. 2015 Oct; 40(10):2091-101. PMID: 25758980; PMCID: PMC4567516 [Available on 10/01/16].
      14. Nery AA, Magdesian MH, Trujillo C, Sathler LB, Juliano MA, Juliano L, Ulrich H, Ferreira ST. Rescue of amyloid-Beta-induced inhibition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by a peptide homologous to the nicotine binding domain of the alpha 7 subtype. PLoS One. 2013; 8(7):e67194. PMID: 23894286; PMCID: PMC3718777.
      15. Trujillo C, Negraes PD, Schwindt TT, Lameu C, Carromeu C, Muotri AR, Pesquero JB, Cerqueira DM, Pillat MM, de Souza HD, Turaça LT, Abreu JG, Ulrich H. Kinin-B2 receptor activity determines the differentiation fate of neural stem cells. J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 28; 287(53):44046-61. PMID: 23132855; PMCID: PMC3531721.
      16. Freitas BC, Trujillo C, Carromeu C, Yusupova M, Herai RH, Muotri AR. Stem cells and modeling of autism spectrum disorders. Exp Neurol. 2014 Oct; 260:33-43. PMID: 23036599; PMCID: PMC3568448.
      17. Lameu C, Trujillo C, Schwindt TT, Negraes PD, Pillat MM, Morais KL, Lebrun I, Ulrich H. Interactions between the NO-citrulline cycle and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in differentiation of neural stem cells. J Biol Chem. 2012 Aug 24; 287(35):29690-701. PMID: 22730318; PMCID: PMC3436173.
      18. Negraes PD, Schwindt TT, Trujillo C, Ulrich H. Neural differentiation of P19 carcinoma cells and primary neurospheres: cell morphology, proliferation, viability, and functionality. Curr Protoc Stem Cell Biol. 2012 Mar; Chapter 2:Unit 2D.9. PMID: 22415841.
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      19. Sartore RC, Campos PB, Trujillo C, Ramalho BL, Negraes PD, Paulsen BS, Meletti T, Costa ES, Chicaybam L, Bonamino MH, Ulrich H, Rehen SK. Retinoic acid-treated pluripotent stem cells undergoing neurogenesis present increased aneuploidy and micronuclei formation. PLoS One. 2011; 6(6):e20667. PMID: 21674001; PMCID: PMC3108948.
      20. Schwindt TT, Trujillo C, Negraes PD, Lameu C, Ulrich H. Directed differentiation of neural progenitors into neurons is accompanied by altered expression of P2X purinergic receptors. J Mol Neurosci. 2011 Jul; 44(3):141-6. PMID: 20617399.
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      21. Nery AA, Resende RR, Martins AH, Trujillo C, Eterovic VA, Ulrich H. Alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression and activity during neuronal differentiation of PC12 pheochromocytoma cells. J Mol Neurosci. 2010 Jul; 41(3):329-39. PMID: 20461497.
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      22. Russo LC, Goñi CN, Castro LM, Asega AF, Camargo AC, Trujillo C, Ulrich H, Glucksman MJ, Scavone C, Ferro ES. Interaction with calmodulin is important for the secretion of thimet oligopeptidase following stimulation. FEBS J. 2009 Aug; 276(16):4358-71. PMID: 19614740; PMCID: PMC2828359.
      23. Trujillo C, Schwindt TT, Martins AH, Alves JM, Mello LE, Ulrich H. Novel perspectives of neural stem cell differentiation: from neurotransmitters to therapeutics. Cytometry A. 2009 Jan; 75(1):38-53. PMID: 18988295.
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      24. Nery AA, Trujillo C, Lameu C, Konno K, Oliveira V, Camargo AC, Ulrich H, Hayashi MA. A novel physiological property of snake bradykinin-potentiating peptides-reversion of MK-801 inhibition of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Peptides. 2008 Oct; 29(10):1708-15. PMID: 18598727.
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      25. Martins AH, Alves JM, Trujillo C, Schwindt TT, Barnabé GF, Motta FL, Guimaraes AO, Casarini DE, Mello LE, Pesquero JB, Ulrich H. Kinin-B2 receptor expression and activity during differentiation of embryonic rat neurospheres. Cytometry A. 2008 Apr; 73(4):361-8. PMID: 18302192.
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      26. Ulrich H, Akk G, Nery AA, Trujillo C, Rodriguez AD, Eterovic VA. Mode of cembranoid action on embryonic muscle acetylcholine receptor. J Neurosci Res. 2008 Jan; 86(1):93-107. PMID: 17868151.
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      27. Trujillo C, Nery AA, Alves JM, Martins AH, Ulrich H. Development of the anti-VEGF aptamer to a therapeutic agent for clinical ophthalmology. Clin Ophthalmol. 2007 Dec; 1(4):393-402. PMID: 19668516; PMCID: PMC2704523.
      28. Majumder P, Trujillo C, Lopes CG, Resende RR, Gomes KN, Yuahasi KK, Britto LR, Ulrich H. New insights into purinergic receptor signaling in neuronal differentiation, neuroprotection, and brain disorders. Purinergic Signal. 2007 Sep; 3(4):317-31. PMID: 18404445; PMCID: PMC2072925.
      29. Trujillo C, Majumder P, Gonzalez FA, Moaddel R, Ulrich H. Immobilized P2X2 purinergic receptor stationary phase for chromatographic determination of pharmacological properties and drug screening. J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2007 Jul 27; 44(3):701-10. PMID: 17481842.
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      30. Ulrich H, Trujillo C, Nery AA, Alves JM, Majumder P, Resende RR, Martins AH. DNA and RNA aptamers: from tools for basic research towards therapeutic applications. Comb Chem High Throughput Screen. 2006 Sep; 9(8):619-32. PMID: 17017882.
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      31. Trujillo C, Nery AA, Martins AH, Majumder P, Gonzalez FA, Ulrich H. Inhibition mechanism of the recombinant rat P2X(2) receptor in glial cells by suramin and TNP-ATP. Biochemistry. 2006 Jan 10; 45(1):224-33. PMID: 16388598.
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