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    Anita Bandrowski

    SchoolUniversity of California, San Diego
    DepartmentCenter for Research in Biological Systems
    Address9500 Gilman Drive #0608
    CA La Jolla 92093
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      1. Uhlen M, Bandrowski A, Carr S, Edwards A, Ellenberg J, Lundberg E, Rimm DL, Rodriguez H, Hiltke T, Snyder M, Yamamoto T. A proposal for validation of antibodies. Nat Methods. 2016 Oct; 13(10):823-7. PMID: 27595404.
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      2. Bandrowski A, Martone ME. RRIDs: A Simple Step toward Improving Reproducibility through Rigor and Transparency of Experimental Methods. Neuron. 2016 May 04; 90(3):434-6. PMID: 27151636.
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      3. Bandrowski A, Brinkman R, Brochhausen M, Brush MH, Bug B, Chibucos MC, Clancy K, Courtot M, Derom D, Dumontier M, Fan L, Fostel J, Fragoso G, Gibson F, Gonzalez-Beltran A, Haendel MA, He Y, Heiskanen M, Hernandez-Boussard T, Jensen M, Lin Y, Lister AL, Lord P, Malone J, Manduchi E, McGee M, Morrison N, Overton JA, Parkinson H, Peters B, Rocca-Serra P, Ruttenberg A, Sansone SA, Scheuermann RH, Schober D, Smith B, Soldatova LN, Stoeckert CJ, Taylor CF, Torniai C, Turner JA, Vita R, Whetzel PL, Zheng J. The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations. PLoS One. 2016; 11(4):e0154556. PMID: 27128319; PMCID: PMC4851331.
      4. Bandrowski A, Brush M, Grethe JS, Haendel MA, Kennedy DN, Hill S, Hof PR, Martone ME, Pols M, Tan SS, Washington N, Zudilova-Seinstra E, Vasilevsky N. The Resource Identification Initiative: A Cultural Shift in Publishing. Neuroinformatics. 2016 Apr; 14(2):169-82. PMID: 26589523.
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      5. Vita R, Vasilevsky N, Bandrowski A, Haendel M, Sette A, Peters B. Reproducibility and conflicts in immune epitope data. Immunology. 2016 Mar; 147(3):349-54. PMID: 26678806; PMCID: PMC4754615 [Available on 03/01/17].
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      10. Sivagnanam S, Majumdar A, Yoshimoto K, Astakhov V, Bandrowski A, Martone M, Carnevale NT. Early experiences in developing and managing the neuroscience gateway. Concurr Comput. 2015 Feb 01; 27(2):473-488. PMID: 26523124.
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      11. Ferguson AR, Nielson JL, Cragin MH, Bandrowski A, Martone ME. Big data from small data: data-sharing in the 'long tail' of neuroscience. Nat Neurosci. 2014 Nov; 17(11):1442-7. PMID: 25349910; PMCID: PMC4728080.
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      14. Bandrowski A, Tan S, Hof PR. Promoting research resource identification at JCN. J Comp Neurol. 2014 Jun 01; 522(8):1707. PMID: 24723247.
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      15. Marenco LN, Wang R, Bandrowski A, Grethe JS, Shepherd GM, Miller PL. Extending the NIF DISCO framework to automate complex workflow: coordinating the harvest and integration of data from diverse neuroscience information resources. Front Neuroinform. 2014; 8:58. PMID: 25018728; PMCID: PMC4071641.
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      20. Astakhov V, Bandrowski A, Gupta A, Kulungowski AW, Grethe JS, Bouwer J, Molina T, Rowley V, Penticoff S, Terada M, Wong W, Hakozaki H, Kwon O, Martone ME, Ellisman M. Prototype of Kepler Processing Workflows For Microscopy And Neuroinformatics. Procedia Comput Sci. 2012; 9:1595-1603. PMID: 28479932.
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      21. Tani H, Bandrowski A, Parada I, Wynn M, Huguenard JR, Prince DA, Reimer RJ. Modulation of epileptiform activity by glutamine and system A transport in a model of post-traumatic epilepsy. Neurobiol Dis. 2007 Feb; 25(2):230-8. PMID: 17070687; PMCID: PMC1952182.
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      23. Bandrowski A, Huguenard JR, Prince DA. Baseline glutamate levels affect group I and II mGluRs in layer V pyramidal neurons of rat sensorimotor cortex. J Neurophysiol. 2003 Mar; 89(3):1308-16. PMID: 12626613; PMCID: PMC3005275.
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      25. Bandrowski A, Moore SL, Ashe JH. Cholinergic synaptic potentials in the supragranular layers of auditory cortex. Synapse. 2001 Aug; 41(2):118-30. PMID: 11400178.
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      26. Bandrowski A, Ashe JH, Crawford CA. Tetanic stimulation and metabotropic glutamate receptor agonists modify synaptic responses and protein kinase activity in rat auditory cortex. Brain Res. 2001 Mar 16; 894(2):218-32. PMID: 11251195.
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      27. Bandrowski A, Aramakis VB, Moore SL, Ashe JH. Metabotropic glutamate receptors modify ionotropic glutamate responses in neocortical pyramidal cells and interneurons. Exp Brain Res. 2001 Jan; 136(1):25-40. PMID: 11204411.
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      28. Aramakis VB, Bandrowski A, Ashe JH. Role of muscarinic receptors, G-proteins, and intracellular messengers in muscarinic modulation of NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic transmission. Synapse. 1999 Jun 15; 32(4):262-75. PMID: 10332802.
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      29. Aramakis VB, Bandrowski A, Ashe JH. Muscarinic reduction of GABAergic synaptic potentials results in disinhibition of the AMPA/kainate-mediated EPSP in auditory cortex. Brain Res. 1997 May 30; 758(1-2):107-17. PMID: 9203539.
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      30. Aramakis VB, Bandrowski A, Ashe JH. Activation of muscarinic receptors modulates NMDA receptor-mediated responses in auditory cortex. Exp Brain Res. 1997 Mar; 113(3):484-96. PMID: 9108215.
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