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    An agenda for personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
    Calibrating predictive model estimates to support personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
    Oncology scan--the role of personalized medicine in gynecologic cancers.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine for ARDS: the 2035 research agenda.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine for the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials.Academic Article Why?
    Preoperative Genetic Testing and Personalized Medicine: Changing the Care Paradigm.Academic Article Why?
    Clinical, Radiographic, Physiologic, and Biologic Measurements to Facilitate Personalized Medicine for ARDS.Academic Article Why?
    Stem cell contributions to neurological disease modeling and personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
    VarI-SIG 2015: methods for personalized medicine - the role of variant interpretation in research and diagnostics.Academic Article Why?
    From personalized medicine to personalized science: uniting science and medicine for patient-driven, goal-oriented research.Academic Article Why?
    Towards structural systems pharmacology to study complex diseases and personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine and pharmacogenetic biomarkers: progress in molecular oncology testing.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine for patients with advanced cancer in the phase I program at MD Anderson: validation and landmark analyses.Academic Article Why?
    Personalized medicine in a phase I clinical trials program: the MD Anderson Cancer Center initiative.Academic Article Why?
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