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    Investigating endogenous peptides and peptidases using peptidomics.Academic Article Why?
    Peptidomics of the prolyl peptidases.Academic Article Why?
    Expanding the dipeptidyl peptidase 4-regulated peptidome via an optimized peptidomics platform.Academic Article Why?
    Peptidomics approach to elucidate the proteolytic regulation of bioactive peptides.Academic Article Why?
    Peptidomics methods for the identification of peptidase-substrate interactions.Academic Article Why?
    A peptidomics strategy to elucidate the proteolytic pathways that inactivate peptide hormones.Academic Article Why?
    Analysis of the proteolysis of bioactive peptides using a peptidomics approach.Academic Article Why?
    Peptidomics of prolyl endopeptidase in the central nervous system.Academic Article Why?
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