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    Personalizing evidence-based child mental health care within a fiscally mandated policy reformAcademic Article Why?
    Health Policy Brief: Global Mental Health and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.Academic Article Why?
    Putting mental health on the Nation's health agenda.Academic Article Why?
    Policy to implementation: evidence-based practice in community mental health--study protocol.Academic Article Why?
    A comparison of policy and direct practice stakeholder perceptions of factors affecting evidence-based practice implementation using concept mapping.Academic Article Why?
    Elderly patients with dementia-related symptoms of severe agitation and aggression: consensus statement on treatment options, clinical trials methodology, and policy.Academic Article Why?
    Mental Health Communication in Elderly Primary Care Visits and Economic OutcomesGrant Why?
    Testing a Comorbid PTSD &Substance/Alcohol Use Intervention in Delinquent GirlsGrant Why?
    The eye of the beholder: Youth and parents differ on what matters in mental health servicesAcademic Article Why?
    Discrepancies in Leader and Follower Ratings of Transformational Leadership: Relationship with Organizational Culture in Mental Health.Academic Article Why?
    Leadership, Organizational Climate, and Perceived Burden of Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health Services.Academic Article Why?
    Measuring Sustainment of Multiple Practices Fiscally Mandated in Children's Mental Health Services.Academic Article Why?
    An analysis of the effects of organization and financing on the utilization and costs of public mental health services in san diego county.Academic Article Why?
    Therapist perspectives on training in a package of evidence-based practice strategies for children with autism spectrum disorders served in community mental health clinics.Academic Article Why?
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