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    Pregnancy outcomes and asthma medications in pregnancy: a Demonstration ProjectGrant Why?
    Safe Use of Medications in Primary Care PracticesGrant Why?
    Alcohol and drug interactions with antianxiety medications.Academic Article Why?
    Compliance issues and extemporaneous preparation of medications for pediatric patients.Academic Article Why?
    Cost-effectiveness of statin medications.Academic Article Why?
    Emergency department patient knowledge of medications.Academic Article Why?
    Heat stroke associated with medications having anticholinergic effects.Academic Article Why?
    Medications at school: disposing of pharmaceutical waste.Academic Article Why?
    Medications in the treatment of addiction: workplace issues.Academic Article Why?
    Most Frequently Reported Prescription Medications and Supplements in Couples Planning Pregnancy: The LIFE Study.Academic Article Why?
    Pediatric fatalities associated with over the counter (nonprescription) cough and cold medications.Academic Article Why?
    Predictors of discontinuing overactive bladder medications.Academic Article Why?
    Safety of asthma and allergy medications in pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
    School nursing: beyond medications and procedures.Academic Article Why?
    Who is prescribing controlled medications to patients who die of prescription drug abuse?Academic Article Why?
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