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    Medical Device Recalls in Radiation Oncology: Analysis of US Food and Drug Administration Data, 2002-2015.Academic Article Why?
    Ethics considerations for medical device R&D.Academic Article Why?
    Competency versus performance in plastic surgery: navigating through new technologies and medical devices.Academic Article Why?
    Exploration of a Bayesian updating tool to provide real-time safety monitoring for new medical devices.Academic Article Why?
    Rare adverse event monitoring of medical devices with the use of an automated surveillance tool.Academic Article Why?
    Adverse Events Involving Radiation Oncology Medical Devices: Comprehensive Analysis of US Food and Drug Administration Data, 1991 to 2015.Academic Article Why?
    Effect of photodiode angular response on surface plasmon resonance measurements in the Kretschmann-Raether configuration.Academic Article Why?
    Experimental evaluation of a posterior drainage system.Academic Article Why?
    Heterogeneous uptake and reactivity of formic acid on calcium carbonate particles: a Knudsen cell reactor, FTIR and SEM study.Academic Article Why?
    Modification to an electron microscope grid-holding device.Academic Article Why?
    Quality assurance of electron beams using a Varian electronic portal imaging device.Academic Article Why?
    Standardized MR terminology and reporting of implants and devices as recommended by the American College of Radiology Subcommittee on MR Safety.Academic Article Why?
    Used equipment choices.Academic Article Why?
    USNCTAM perspectives on mechanics in medicine.Academic Article Why?
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