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    Organizational factors influencing implementation of evidence-based practices for integrated treatment in behavioral health agencies.Academic Article Why?
    Dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices for child and adolescent mental health: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
    A Prospective Examination of Clinician and Supervisor Turnover Within the Context of Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in a Publicly-Funded Mental Health System.Academic Article Why?
    Impact of participation in the California Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention Initiative on adoption and implementation of evidence-based practices for patient safety and health care-associated infection rates in a cohort of acute care general hospitals.Academic Article Why?
    Agency responses to a system-driven implementation of multiple evidence-based practices in children's mental health services.Academic Article Why?
    Using survival analysis to understand patterns of sustainment within a system-driven implementation of multiple evidence-based practicesAcademic Article Why?
    Using Survival Analysis to Understand Patterns of Sustainment within a System-Driven Implementation of Multiple Evidence-Based Practices for Children's Mental Health Services.Academic Article Why?
    Comparing Agency Leader and Therapist Perspectives on Evidence-Based Practices: Associations with Individual and Organizational Factors in a Mental Health System-Driven Implementation Effort.Academic Article Why?
    How Intervention and Implementation Characteristics Relate to Community Therapists' Attitudes Toward Evidence-Based Practices: A Mixed Methods Study.Academic Article Why?
    Mixed-method analysis of program leader perspectives on the sustainment of multiple child evidence-based practices in a system-driven implementation.Academic Article Why?
    Dynamic Adaptation to Implement an Evidence-based Child Maltreatment InterventionGrant Why?
    Concept Mapping of Readiness for Evidence-Based PracticeGrant Why?
    The development of the Evidence-Based Practice-Concordant Care Assessment: An assessment tool to examine treatment strategies across evidence-based practicesAcademic Article Why?
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