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    Caught in the middle: the contested politics of HIV/AIDS and health policy in Vietnam.Academic Article Why?
    IJEPA: Gray Area for Health Policy and International Nurse Migration.Academic Article Why?
    The US Air Force suicide prevention program: implications for public health policy.Academic Article Why?
    Voices of oncology nursing society members matter in advocacy and decisions related to U.S. Health Policy.Academic Article Why?
    Health Policy Brief: Global Mental Health and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.Academic Article Why?
    Health policy: The right to try is embodied in the right to die.Academic Article Why?
    A vision of hope for US domestic and international health policy.Academic Article Why?
    Developing priorities for addressing surgical conditions globally: furthering the link between surgery and public health policy.Academic Article Why?
    Global health policy coordination to address neglected tropical diseases.Academic Article Why?
    Integrating traditional indigenous medicine and western biomedicine into health systems: a review of Nicaraguan health policies and miskitu health services.Academic Article Why?
    A spectrum of health policy methods: lessons from the British.Academic Article Why?
    Health policy roundtable panel discussion: translating health insurance studies into policy proposals.Academic Article Why?
    Maternal death inquiry and response in India--the impact of contextual factors on defining an optimal model to help meet critical maternal health policy objectives.Academic Article Why?
    Violence against women: charting the impact on health policy, health care delivery, and the law.Academic Article Why?
    A 6-year update of the health policy and advocacy priorities of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.Academic Article Why?
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