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    Gut bacterial endotoxin: influence on gut-associated lymphoreticular tissue and host immune function.Academic Article Why?
    Gut-associated lymphoid tissues for the development of oral vaccines.Academic Article Why?
    Gut-liver axis at the frontier of host-microbial interactions.Academic Article Why?
    Traffic control at the "Gut-GALT crossroads".Academic Article Why?
    Effect of flow and peristaltic mixing on bacterial growth in a gut-like channel.Academic Article Why?
    Epithelial Control of Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Formation through p38a-Dependent Restraint of NF-?B Signaling.Academic Article Why?
    Indigenous opportunistic bacteria inhabit mammalian gut-associated lymphoid tissues and share a mucosal antibody-mediated symbiosis.Academic Article Why?
    Role of gut-associated lymphoreticular tissues in antigen-specific intestinal IgA immunity.Academic Article Why?
    The drug transporter OAT3 (SLC22A8) and endogenous metabolite communication via the gut-liver-kidney axis.Academic Article Why?
    Metal withholding responses in the gut mucosaGrant Why?
    Are Autism Spectrum Disorders Associated with Leaky-Gut at an Early Critiacal PerGrant Why?
    IgA class switch occurs in the organized nasopharynx- and gut-associated lymphoid tissue, but not in the diffuse lamina propria of airways and gut.Academic Article Why?
    Syndecan 1 plays a novel role in enteral glutamine's gut-protective effects of the postischemic gut.Academic Article Why?
    Gut immune dysfunction through impaired innate pattern recognition receptor expression and gut microbiota dysbiosis in chronic SIV infection.Academic Article Why?
    Bidirectional Communication between Liver and Gut during Alcoholic Liver Disease.Academic Article Why?
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