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    Chronic endometritis in women with recurrent early pregnancy loss and/or fetal demise.Academic Article Why?
    Maternal Iodine Exposure: A Case of Fetal Goiter and Neonatal Hearing Loss.Academic Article Why?
    IFPA Meeting 2010 Workshops Report II: Placental pathology; trophoblast invasion; fetal sex; parasites and the placenta; decidua and embryonic or fetal loss; trophoblast differentiation and syncytialisation.Academic Article Why?
    Notch function in myocardial development and homeostasisGrant Why?
    Proteomic Analysis of PI 3-Kinase Signaling in IsletGrant Why?
    Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Genetic/Environmental CausesGrant Why?
    Altered endothelial heparan sulfate causes diaphragmatic hernias resembling CDHGrant Why?
    Development. ES cells to the rescue.Academic Article Why?
    Essential role for mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase in hematopoiesis, heart development, and heart function.Academic Article Why?
    Loss of the Max-interacting protein Mnt in mice results in decreased viability, defective embryonic growth and craniofacial defects: relevance to Miller-Dieker syndrome.Academic Article Why?
    Preconception Care of the Obese Woman.Academic Article Why?
    Digital PCR for the molecular detection of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy.Academic Article Why?
    Loss of a gp130 cardiac muscle cell survival pathway is a critical event in the onset of heart failure during biomechanical stress.Academic Article Why?
    Ex-utero intrapartum treatment procedure for giant neck masses--fetal and maternal outcomes.Academic Article Why?
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