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    Why primary care practices should become digital health information hubs for their patients.Academic Article Why?
    Emerging ethical issues in digital health information.Academic Article Why?
    The Pace of Technologic Change: Implications for Digital Health Behavior Intervention Research.Academic Article Why?
    Pharmaceutical digital marketing and governance: illicit actors and challenges to global patient safety and public health.Academic Article Why?
    Digital danger: a review of the global public health, patient safety and cybersecurity threats posed by illicit online pharmacies.Academic Article Why?
    Global Health Knowledge Collective: A Collaborative Toolkit for Global HealthGrant Why?
    HIV &STI Transmission Dynamics along Transport Routes Linking the AmericasGrant Why?
    [Medicine faces the digital revolution].Academic Article Why?
    A review of existing and emerging digital technologies to combat the global trade in fake medicines.Academic Article Why?
    Illumina Genome Analyzer IIGrant Why?
    Teaching Scholarly Activity in Psychiatric TrainingGrant Why?
    Genome-scale anaylsis of DNA methylation in CpG Islands with bisulfite sequencingGrant Why?
    Replacement of Small Animal Echocardiographic InstrumentationGrant Why?
    The digital revolution and adolescent brain evolution.Academic Article Why?
    Digital facial image modification, body image, and parental support for dietary and physical activity behaviors.Academic Article Why?
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