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    Experimental cerebral malaria pathogenesis--hemodynamics at the blood brain barrier.Academic Article Why?
    Endotracheal lidocaine in preventing endotracheal suctioning-induced changes in cerebral hemodynamics in patients with severe head trauma.Academic Article Why?
    The capillary bed offers the largest hemodynamic resistance to the cortical blood supply.Academic Article Why?
    Asymmetric posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome complicating hemodynamic augmentation for subarachnoid hemorrhage-associated cerebral vasospasm.Academic Article Why?
    Sensitivity of neural-hemodynamic coupling to alterations in cerebral blood flow during hypercapnia.Academic Article Why?
    Hemodynamic management and outcome of patients treated for cerebral vasospasm with intraarterial nicardipine and/or milrinone.Academic Article Why?
    Hemodynamic and Metabolic Coupling in MigraineGrant Why?
    Neural-Electromagnetic-Hemodynamic Links in HumansGrant Why?
    The Hemodynamic Response to Brain ActivationGrant Why?
    Depression of cortical activity in humans by mild hypercapnia.Academic Article Why?
    Nitric oxide protection against murine cerebral malaria is associated with improved cerebral microcirculatory physiology.Academic Article Why?
    Flow dynamics in a lethal anterior communicating artery aneurysm.Academic Article Why?
    Multi-scale mapping of 3D spatial-temporal cortical hemodynamics at the level ofGrant Why?
    Coronary artery disease in patients with cerebrovascular disease: a prospective study.Academic Article Why?
    Neurovascular Coupling in Cerebrum and CerebellumGrant Why?
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