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    Role of mTOR, a Component of the Akt Pathway, in Regulating Cardiac FunctionGrant Why?
    Improving cardiac function with new-generation plasma volume expanders.Academic Article Why?
    Stem Cells and Dynamic Materials Improve Cardiac Function Post-mycardial InfarctiGrant Why?
    Long-term follow-up shows excellent transmural atrial lead performance in patients with complex congenital heart disease.Academic Article Why?
    ROS regulate cardiac function via a distinct paracrine mechanism.Academic Article Why?
    Cardiac function and acute chloramphenicol toxicity.Academic Article Why?
    Augmentation of cardiac function by elevation of intrathoracic pressure.Academic Article Why?
    Air Pollution and Other Environmental Modulators of Cardiac Function.Academic Article Why?
    Analysis of Cardiac Function from MR Images.Academic Article Why?
    Drosophila, genetic screens, and cardiac function.Academic Article Why?
    Effects of plasma viscosity modulation on cardiac function during moderate hemodilution.Academic Article Why?
    Phospholipid homeostasis regulates lipid metabolism and cardiac function through SREBP signaling in Drosophila.Academic Article Why?
    The Drosophila muscle LIM protein, Mlp84B, is essential for cardiac function.Academic Article Why?
    Cardiac function during resuscitation from hemorrhagic shock with polymerized bovine hemoglobin-based oxygen therapeutic.Academic Article Why?
    Drosophila melanogaster as a model system for genetics of postnatal cardiac function.Academic Article Why?
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