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    Gene Expression Commons: an open platform for absolute gene expression profiling.Academic Article Why?
    Effects of in ovo electroporation on endogenous gene expression: genome-wide analysis.Academic Article Why?
    Fibrosis, gene expression and orbital inflammatory disease.Academic Article Why?
    Microarray analysis of iris gene expression in mice with mutations influencing pigmentation.Academic Article Why?
    Gene expression evidence for remodeling of lateral hypothalamic circuitry in cocaine addiction.Academic Article Why?
    Gene expression of membrane transporters: Importance for prognosis and progression of ovarian carcinoma.Academic Article Why?
    Daily immediate early gene expression in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of male and female Octodon degus.Academic Article Why?
    Gene expression trends and protein features effectively complement each other in gene function prediction.Academic Article Why?
    Regulation of gene expression by chromosome 5A during cold hardening in wheat.Academic Article Why?
    Comprehensive gene expression changes associated with mouse postnatal kidney development.Academic Article Why?
    Transpupillary thermotherapy-induced modification of angiogenesis- and coagulation-related gene expression in the rat posterior fundus.Academic Article Why?
    Gene expression in human oral squamous cell carcinoma is influenced by risk factor exposure.Academic Article Why?
    Prognostic Implications of Tumor Diameter in Association With Gene Expression Profile for Uveal Melanoma.Academic Article Why?
    Disturbed diurnal rhythm alters gene expression and exacerbates cardiovascular disease with rescue by resynchronization.Academic Article Why?
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